c tough interview Questions

c tough interview Questions
  • What is the difference between a linker and a loader?
  • Is i+++++j legal?
  • Why do we use int main( ) instead of void main( )?
  • What is the use of “return 0”?
  • Did you know i---j and i- --j are different?
  • Is accessing via pointers faster than array indexing?
  • What is data hiding and who are we hiding it from?
  • What are the various relationships 'isa', 'hasa' etc. and their C++ equivalent?
  • How does the program know which function to call at run-time? How are virtual functions implemented?
  • Why is the 1st dimension not required by a function when a multi-dimensional array is its argument?
  • Is it useful to make a function private in a class?
  • If cout and cerr are both used for display, what's the difference? What is redirection?
  • How can I access the printer from a C++ program?
  • What does binary mean with regard to file handling?
  • When overloading the assignment operator, why should we return by reference? Are there alternatives?


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