Cloud computing interview questions HCL

HCL Cloud computing interview questions
What is cloud computing?
2) What is a cloud?
3) What are the basic characteristics of cloud computing?
4) What is a Cloud Service?
5) What are main features of cloud services?
6) How many types of deployment models are used in cloud?
7) What is the AppFabric component?
8) Why does an organization need to manage the workloads?
9) Which services are provided by Window Azure operating system?
10) Explain hybrid and community cloud.
11) Explain public and private cloud.
12) Give a brief introduction of Windows Azure operating system.
13) What are the advantages of cloud services?
14) What are the concerns prevailing around cloud computing?
15) How can these concerns be addressed?
16) Explain the benefits of cloud computing?
17) Cloud computing can save money ? Explain.
18) Why professional clouds are required in Cloud computing?
19) Why Cloud is necessary?
20) Explain the importance of cloud computing in IT?


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